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Nearly everyday I get questions about what’s inside my camera bag. So I thought I would put together a post about what’s inside my camera bag. When I first started out I had a Canon Rebel T3i. It was a wonderful camera. When I was ready to take my photography to the next level I upgraded my camera to a Canon 6D and I am now a proud owner of two Canon Mk iii’s.

The camera is important but so is the lens. Depending on what you photograph will determine what lens you select. I own several lens and I have found I am more a prime girl (although I use to own a zoom lens up until last month).

The first lens in my camera bag is the 50mm 1.2L. It is great portrait lens and really allows me the freedom to capture those special moments of emotion. The photos below are examples of the versatility of the 50mm.


50mm ISO 640, f2.8 1/500


50 mm ISO 400 f2.8 1/800

The next lens is my Sigma 35 mm 1.4. I love this lens! It is perfect for lifestyle photos, photos of newborns and for those types of photos where I like showing more of the background. The 35 mm is also the perfect walk around lens and I take it everywhere when I want a lens that is not too heavy like some of the other lens in my camera bag.


35mm ISO 125 f2.5 1/200


35mm ISO 1250 f2.2 1/400

The 85 mm 1.2L is considered the perfect portrait lens. For my senior portrait sessions this is my workhorse. To see more senior sessions click here and here. This lens is perfect for creating my signature look and style of photography.


85mm ISO 320 f2.5 1/800


85mm ISO 800 f2.5 1/800

Finally, I also have the Lensbaby Sweet 35. The Sweet 35 is a fun lens to learn; I love playing with it after I have all of my photos I need. I only take this lens out when I know I have all the photos I need and I tend to use it towards the end of a session. The Sweet 35 is fun because it creates a beautiful image and blurs the background to extreme levels. I LOVE IT! It is a difficult lens to learn to manipulate and it requires manual focusing but it is worth it in the end.


Lensbaby Sweet 35 ISO 1250 f2.0 1/400


Lensbaby Sweet 35 ISO 320 f2.0 1/800

So these are all the lenses in my camera bag now. Over the years I have added and sold a variety of lenses to simplify my camera bag.¬†One thing I have learned over the years is it doesn’t matter what type of camera you own, it is what you do with that camera and the one thing you can do is practice because no matter what if you practice you will capture truly amazing photos!

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